It is ironic!!

The bed of roses filled with thorns?

Beauty which comes with beast?

The storms, winds, calmness, pain, sorrow, ecstasy, a full blown roller coaster ride it is!

Every journey with same destination! Roads not always desirable…

Happiness is not always striding, Roses comes with thorns so as hope of life which tell us to live for happiness.

To live for life…..

Live for the life as it will only last for the moment.

“And than I realised Indeed, moments lasts for moments”




Live the heartbeats of life, contented or displeased.

Every wink would retrieve some memories!

Perhaps someday, you might stand near the window, in front of the river or your favourite place thinking and smiling your best beats describing your life whether sadistic or rocky you once lived.

Indeed, life is for once and all. Eventually, everyone has to return to Him (The God).

So live……..


Life is all but constant!


Because it is life, duhh!!

My best friend got married last night!!

It was challenging to bid adieu. Not because we are close and stuff but because watching her parents falling in the pit of sorrow and in the whirlpool of ecstacy in the same instant, overwhelmed me.

Every parent love their children however it becomes hard when it comes to part from their daughters who leaves her world her family to make the new world and family.

Damn these feeling mahn!!

She have to leave the very own house she grew in. She have to leave her first love, she have to leave her first man, her father.

Who she was loved, cared and caress will now have to act all mature and grown up. She felt safe in her mother’s embrace when she would find solace and strength in the hug given by her mother affectionately. There can not be any place safe and sound other than her parents embrace.

She was carefree, her parents were having her back all the time. “Do what ever you want princess, cover the skies with your dreams we are here to hold you back.” She would smile known that she have her family.

Elder brother, leave it, her younger brothers would even act possessive, her brothers would make her feel special, she would talk out all her worries to them. She would reluctantly say anything to anyone albeit angry or in grief. She would have been living nonchalantly. Her parents had hefty concern as for she is and will be their daughter.

Precisely thier princess.

To my future husband😉

“I was the princess my whole life, bear with me until I become your Queen