It is ironic!!

The bed of roses filled with thorns?

Beauty which comes with beast?

The storms, winds, calmness, pain, sorrow, ecstasy, a full blown roller coaster ride it is!

Every journey with same destination! Roads not always desirable…

Happiness is not always striding, Roses comes with thorns so as hope of life which tell us to live for happiness.

To live for life…..

Live for the life as it will only last for the moment.

“And than I realised Indeed, moments lasts for moments”

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Live the heartbeats of life, contented or displeased.

Every wink would retrieve some memories!

Perhaps someday, you might stand near the window, in front of the river or your favourite place thinking and smiling your best beats describing your life whether sadistic or rocky you once lived.

Indeed, life is for once and all. Eventually, everyone has to return to Him (The God).

So live……..

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5 Simple SEO tips to follow while writing a blog!!

Seo is not about google analytics until your content is appealing and efficient to the eyes of the readers.
If you write, write something you would want to read too.

Let your creativity rule your blog.

Moreover, readers wouldn’t bother to read your post if it does not excites their need, where authentic writing gives potential to SEO for attracting traffic to your blog post.

Here are some tips to follow while writing an article online and attracting traffic to your blog.

  1. #Keywords – Choose your keyword to be more unique and specific, it can be of one word or a long phrase, however, a common keyword may not result in good SEO optimization.
  2. Listicle blog – List allows your reader to stay longer and prevents readers from skimming your blog.
  3. Use Headlines – Use headlines and subheadlines, you may even insert your keyword in the headline of your blog. For instance, H1, H2………, H6
  4. Consider ideal word count – Content is still and always will be king. Write keeping your readers in mind, something they might want to share. Don’t write your blog too lengthy or too short. Make sure your content is authentic and efficient.
  5. Consistent writer – Publish your blogs consistently. For instance, You publish your blog weekly basis or monthly basis, that depends upon you, whatever suits you better.

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7 Things to tell yourself during a tough time!!

Life cannot be happening always, in it dwells the series of uncertainties, where some appear to be good and some bad. More often we go through hard and tough times, the times when multiple questions of your being and existence arise hitting you like a rock on your head.

You started feeling let down, courageless, led by the negativity of the thoughts, bad feelings, holding things for long now, and even suddenness of no more living erupt in you like a volcano.

Your struggle is real, don’t allow your hard times to volunteer your soul, don’t fall in the pit of anywhere.

You have to come out of it!!

You have to improve your ability to navigate the bad and challenging thoughts aside from your mind. You sure cannot feel happy all of a sudden, however, there are some ways and things to do and demand yourself.

How and what are the few things you could tell yourself during such deep dark times, surrounding, situation or people?

How should I deal with my problems

People might sympathize you with sweet nothings or many things which really cannot get to your head right away because you think to not feel and talk. If you go on drowning with the situation and you are led by them then believe me you are worsening your situation.

Don’t feel like a victim, surely, the situation you are in is what you never wanted, however, now you have to deal with it.

Try to accept your situation, if you are thinking about what you are facing? That is not a problem, but don’t let them lead your mind. Try to be cool, calm, relax your body and soul.

Few things that may relax your soul are…….

  1. Don’t hold grudges against anyone.

If the situation you are in is because of someone landed you into it, try to forgive the person because as long as you hold and emphasize it will captivate and consume all your thoughts, holding your head heavy to death. You do not know the person entering into your life is toxic or not, don’t blame yourself, it wasn’t your fault.

2. Don’t bottle up your emotions.

Share your problems with someone close to you. Don’t scare to cry, it will not belittle you or your dignity or reputation except it will lighten the weight of your heavy heart. Or if you are an introvert, you can’t talk or express yourself, write it up, you can maintain your journal too. Write to feel free and relaxed.

3. Give your mind a stop, no thinking pause.

Do something else, consume yourself with any activity you would love or something you never tried. Try to stay positive. Choose determination, something that will excite and motivate you. Engage your mind with anything but the problem you are dealing with right now.

4. Break the wall.

The biggest wall you have to climb is the one in your mind because a year from now, everything you are stressing about won’t even matter. Tough time don’t last.

5. React or Respond to the circumstances.

You are reacting over a situation, that is ok! It is a human tendency to react but at the same time, it is something you have control over. Do not let it possess you.

    Shift your focus on how are you going to deal with the situation. Your Respond matters!

    How will you get out of this situation, should be your concern, now.

    6. Challenge yourself.

    Can you challenge yourself? Do you have that willpower? Go on keep saying “I’m strong and I’m levelling up every time I face such circumstances.” Or say “This will pass” or “If light and happiness did not rested for long than dark and deep times wouldn’t stay longer too.”

    7. You are Grateful for things in your life.

    There are many things in your life you are grateful for. Look around yourself and feel proud to be blessed for people and materialistic things too. Feel positive and happy!!

    Stop assuming things beforehand, everything is either way, going to happen, you can’t keep going this way. Think positive! Lot more could have happened. Be thankful and grateful.

    Creator loves you. He never burdens a soul beyond what it can bear. This is your test and you will pass it. Things here depend upon you now, whether you want to come out of it strongly mental or mentally strong. The choice is yours to make!!


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